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Emergency Nannies and Childcare Workers

emergency childcare

Imagine this.. you are eight weeks pregnant and accidentally fall while taking a shower, you get really hurt and have a five year old to pick from school in three hours time. Unfortunately your partner is at work and has a very crucial board of directors meeting. By luck you manage to call for an ambulance and are booked for an emergency CS because the impart of the fall proved fatal.In such a case it is necessary to call an emergency nanny care service to take care of the five year old.

An emergency nanny is a qualified, properly trained person and experienced enough to handle children’s needs. With increasing levels of perverseness daily reports of multiple child sexual abuse and accidents such as pool drowning, choking and careless home fire, there is a need to get a nanny with certification and experience handling first aid cases.

Most of the agencies recruiting child care workers and emergency nannies ensure that they are over 18 years of age. When considering an emergency nanny, one would want to assess the needs of the child vis-a-vis the child’s age in order to request for an appropriate nanny. Yet again calling the referrals to ensure that the emergency nanny is qualified to maintain and uphold the child’s or children’s safety. Agencies offering emergency child care services are located in different areas in the UK. Each with unique design and mode of operation. Some strictly hire out these nannies from their agencies only while others are open to networking with other agencies. Most nannies usually charge by the hour.

Some agencies insist on handling their nannies payroll and pay for them the taxes required while others are open to the client paying the taxes on behalf of the client.The former is usually a bit more costly on the parent or guardian. Hiring the services of an emergency child care worker is a good side plan for the parent because it helps maintain the security and safety of the child while giving the parent a piece of mind.

It is advisable for parents to sign up for emergency care memberships in at least one agency for emergency purpose. Signing up for such membership mostly attracts discounts on membership fees and in other cases give periods of grace for first payments and free trials.

Just as one acquires a policy for life Insurance and other forms of Insurance, it is logical to have contacts and knowledge of emergency nanny services. These nannies are trained on duties and responsibilities to undertake such as bathing, toileting, feeling, assisting with school work, Cleaning the house especially the areas that directing affect the child and also special children’s needs. They are trained on how to cope and adapt to certain environment and way of life per the clients tastes and status. They also trained to cope and work extra time and special times such as the weekends and holidays.

Emergencies occur daily in different types and of different magnitude. In such cases, a backup plan for help with children is a necessary need not only in the UK but everywhere in the World.

The Rise of Faux Suede Gilets

faux suede gilet long

Why are Gilets so cool? Why are they popular? Why are they wardrobe essentials? Are they expensive? What are Gilets? We’d explore answers to these questions, but let’s consider something vital before we do.

You’ve heard the saying about not judging a book by its cover. It is used a lot. And, may well reflect wisdom, but when it comes to how you are valued, the way you dress is the number one factor, especially when we are meeting strangers. It’s vital to recall that books are not the only things people read, we are constantly reading other people, too.

Most of us do not have the ability to read other people’s minds, to determine if they are brilliant or dull, nor can we peer into their hearts to discern if they are noble souls.

Naturally, what we see is the first indicator of their value. “Dress the way you would like to be addressed” may seem overly simplistic, but it reflects great wisdom. Your dressing is actually an investment. High-quality clothes are a way to make a great impression.

You know how vital how we are perceived by others is whether at work or on dates. Our clothes speak before we do. And, you need variety to show the many interesting facets of your nature. Faux suede gilets are a must for your wardrobe.

Types of Faux Suede Gilets

Gilets are light, sleeveless padded Jackets. It’s pronounced “Geelay” or “Jeelay” and is a body warmer. As you can guess, it’s of French ancestry. They oft come with a fur. But, essentially they are stylish body warmers. The fact that they are designed to be sleeveless is a huge plus if you’re the type who likes the freedom. They are great for the outdoor life.

Faux Suede Gilet Jackets are super-cool and they come in an array of enchanting colors and styles.

So, you can wear them on a variety of occasions. They are a sturdy versatile and alluring fabric. Naturally, you also have a range for different budgets, from the “generic” to awesome designer outfits that would make you stand out whether at casual or formal setting. We have the quilted, the technical and the fleece types. The quilted has padding, an insulation which is great for trapping air and thus keeping you warm on really chilly days. The technical Gilet is a dedicated style, made for a particular purpose, say shooting or hunting. Thus it may have deep pockets where cartridges can be easily stored and accessed. You probably surmised that the fleece Gilet is made of fleece fabric, so, it can serve as a mid layer or outer layer, because the fabric is lightweight.

Price Range

Do you have an large or lean wallet? There is something for you. So, there is absolutely no excuse not to spruce up your wardrobe with this fabulous fabric. £50 is a reasonable base price and then there are some that are multiples of that, depending on the quality and also the time of the year.

From the foregoing, you can see that it’d be cool to pick a couple to brighten up your wardrobe.

Why You Should Always Compare Life Insurance Quotes


Although the topic of life insurance quotes can sometimes be a difficult one to broach, investing in life insurance early can be a smart financial decision. Before any money is spent on a policy, however, it is always a good idea to compare life insurance quotes and research various providers. There are a couple of different types of life insurance available for consumers. One of them is called term life insurance and the other is called whole or universal life insurance.

Term life insurance provides temporary life insurance to policyholders. It is often used for people that have budget constraints but who still want the benefits of life insurance. Terms can vary in length and sometimes it can be renewable. If the death of the policyholder occurs within the specified time period covered under the term of the life insurance, beneficiaries of the policy will receive the full amount of the coverage.

The best thing about the term coverage is that it is not very expensive when put next to the other type of life insurance. When those who are in their prime have this type of coverage, it can help to pay of bills in the event of the person who is covered passing away. There are some with fixed limits and others that are variable. Compare life insurance quotes and those seeking coverage are going to know exactly what they are getting before actually spending any money.

There are policies that offer level premium payments throughout the duration of the coverage. A general rule of thumb is to buy insurance that will cover at least five to seven years worth of salary in the event of your death. Compare life insurance quotes to get an idea of what different companies charge for premiums.

Compare life insurance quotes between whole, life and renewable term insurance might be a good idea in order to weigh the benefits versus the cost. Whole or universal life insurance is somewhat different than term life insurance. Providing that you pay the premiums in full and on time, it offers permanent coverage for the rest of your life.

Another aspect of a whole life insurance policy is the investment feature. They have the ability to earn dividends depending on the actual cost of the life insurance. Those dividends can then be returned to the policy holder. It is also possible to borrow against the cash value of the policy, although that will reduce the amount of benefits that would be paid out upon death.

There are other factors that make each type of policies have their own benefits. When payments are made on time and are current on a whole life policy, some of the monies may be returned when the consumer cancels the policy. There is not going to be any return of funds when it comes to term life.

As a consumer, it is your right to compare life insurance quotes between companies prior to purchasing a policy. It is important to be educated about all of the various life insurance options that are available today. There’s no better way to give yourself and your family peace of mind and comfort in knowing they’re covered.

Dahon Vigor P9 Folding Bike Review


Dahon vigor p9 folding bike is increasingly getting popular among many riders. This is the latest model to be introduced in the market. Its light weight and lower price makes it a great option for many riders. If you are the kind of a person who likes exceptional riding experience, this is the best option for you. To help you gain more understanding, here is a well detailed dahon vigor p9 review.

Features and Specifications

Light in weight

One of the greatest features of this bike is its light weight of 11.7 kilograms. This means you can carry it around in your car, bus or even train. When you are in crowded places, you can carry it without causing any form of inconvenience. Its high level portability is enhanced by the fact that you can fold it, making it easy to lift and carry around and store in a small space.

Easy to assemble 

Dahon vigor p9 comes inside a box in decent condition. It does not require a lot assembling. It is possible to assemble it within a few minutes, making it easy for you to use. The bike comes with a DVD manual that guides users on how to set it up.


The bike has a more inviting look, compared to other models. Its aluminium frame is designed using a hydro formed alloy, which is very strong. When you ride this bike, you develop a feeling of confidence and safety because of its sturdy frame. It has nice color complements that make it more elegant.

Integrated 9 speed SRAM and WinZip V powerful brakes

Dahon vigor p9 folding bike has an integrated 9 speed SRAM, which makes it easy to ride even on the hills. However, it does not have solid suspensions, so you have to make sure you ride it in a safer manner. The bike has a trigger shifter, together with WinZip V powerful brakes that gives it the required support to the bike speed system. This means that the bike has the ability to deal with any speed without any problems.

Schwalbe marathon supreme tires

The bike has strong tires, with the capability of handling speed effectively. The tires are tough and long lasting. However, they are not the best option to ride on hilly and uneven surfaces.

Comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars

Dahon vigor p9 folding bike has a comfortable seat that you can set the way you want. The seat can be adjusted to make the riding experience great for riders of all sizes. However, there is no internal pump, which is a great disadvantage. The handlebars are easily adjustable, making it more convenient for any ride.


· Affordable price

· High level performance

· Clean and elegant design

· Easy folding mechanism

· Economical because no electricity is required to run

· High comfortable brakes and grips


· Not the best option for off load riding

· Not very fast for riders who love speed

· Weak braking and suspension system


With the above great features and specifications, dahon vigor p9 folding bike is recommendable. Its high performance and cost effectiveness makes it perfect for any rider. With its combination of cost, performance, comfort and durability you can go for it and never regret.

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub: The Convenient and Affordable Tub with Functionality Beyond the Cost

intex inflatable hot tub

The traditional hot tub were either expensive to buy or maintain, but with the intex inflatable hot tub almost anyone can relax and soak in a bubbly, hot bath without worrying about the high cost and the maintenance challenges. The inflatable hot tub by intex is designed to help soothe your tired muscles in relaxing, bubbling water without the worries of deflating your wallet making it the most popular product today. To many individuals, the intex inflatable hot tub offers what is not usually available within their budget constrains and delivers beyond what they think they can afford making it the most popular hot tub product in the market.

How the intex inflatable hot tub works

To soothe your muscles with this product, you need to remove the back of the control panel, easily connect the air hose and effortlessly push the button. With a simple easy to use digital control panel, you can set the ideal temperature as well as turn the heated bubble sprays on and off at your convenience for gentle, pleasing bubbling experience. With this unit you will not find muscle-pounding jets as the bubbles are gently released through an air channel that surround the perimeter of the bottom seam. Furthermore, the unit comes with a heat pump that warms your water to invigorating degrees.

The tub also comes with an insulated cover that ensures that the warmth is trapped inside while the bugs and debris are kept out. The cover works by securely snapping in place with a strong self locking system. The tub features functional design that includes a smooth bottom surface that lets you and your friends relax comfortably. Furthermore, in spite of the plastic inflatable construction, this intex hot tub is durable enough for you to sit on the side without toppling or crushing it. It does not come with built-in seats, but with legs fully extended it offers enough space for you and your friends to relax in the bubbly water.

The tub is also easy to set up. With an attractive design that compliments any location, you can place the tub anywhere on a flat surface in your backyard including poolside, patio and deck. However, it is imperative to ensure that location is flat and capable of supporting the filled weight of the tub. You also need to ensure that the intex inflatable hot tub is not in a location with extended periods of direct sunlight. It is also necessary to ensure that the location has a drainage system that would handle the spillage, splashing or overflow in case it occurs during use.

The other highlight that makes the intex inflatable hot tub a hot seller is the convenience it offers to users. Unlike other units that are limiting to users, this unit can be used by both renters and dwellers. The hot tub also comes with water test kit that helps you make sure that the water is clean. Moreover, the latest intex models come with hard water treatment system that that uses an electromagnetic field to agitate calcium and other materials common in hard water, which are then detained in the filter.

Controlling Japanese Knotweed

controlling japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a perennial shrub that can grow up to a height of ten feet and a form a dense thicket. They pose as a great threat to natural vegetation and they can significantly alter the ecosystem if they are not controlled. They are very persistent and can survive in adverse environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and salinity. Once they are fully established they can be very difficult to control.

The best control method for Japanese knotweed should have a watershed approach. This is because the primary dispersal means is through moving water and streams which transfer seeds and plant fragments to areas that are not affected. Knotweed commonly infests wetland areas that are adjacent to streams and water points making plans to control them even more complex.

Mechanical, manual and chemical methods that have been used in the past have had varying degrees of success in effectively controlling the spread of this weed. Manually removing grown knotweed exposes the ground to sufficient light and as a result causes them to sprout again in the subsequent year. This means that the outbreaks have to be dealt with every other year.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd, who provide Japanese Knotweed removal in Manchester, say that just like any other invasive species, knotweed needs to be carefully mapped and areas where they are dominant identified. They then have to be eliminated in their early stages before they are completely established.

Mechanical control is effective in environmentally sensitive areas or places where chemicals and herbicides cannot be used. This process involves uprooting rhizomes, mature plants, seedlings and consistent clipping. A lot of precaution should be taken especially with plants that are more than half an inch. This is because they have the capability of sprouting again if they are disposed carelessly. Plant parts should not be allowed to find their way to streams and waterways. The roots and stems should be completely dried in places where they are not in contact with soil. Disturbed soil can support invasion and it should be minimized as much as possible during this process.

Chemical control is mainly done by use of herbicides. The methods include wicking, spraying, injection among others. Integrated control methods such as cutting during spring time and applying herbicides during summer have been effective in areas that are close to water bodies. Glyphosate is sometimes used although it kills both grass and broad-leaved plants. Triclopyr is a selective herbicide that kills broadleaved plants but has no harmful effect on grass species.

Foliar treatment is usually used in cases where the control measures are not supposed to affect the species that are not targeted for eradication. This method is effective in summer when plants are actively transferring nutrients. This method is only practical on Japanese knotweed that is 3 to 6 feet tall. This method is not applicable for weeds that are 10 feet tall. Foliar application works well on small to medium sized patches of Japanese Knotweed.

When Japanese Knotweed has fully developed over an extensive piece of land, they may require a combination of manual, mechanical and chemical methods. These control methods may be required to be repeated over a long period of time so as to completely eliminate the weed.

Getting Cheap Truck Insurance Cover

Whether you own one truck or a fleet of commercial trucks, having the right insurance can help protect you from property losses and unexpected lawsuits. You need to insure your trucks to ensure that goods get to the destination safely and to guard against any mishap that may happen on the road. There are many policies you can take out for your car depending on a number of factors such as how you use your truck, distance the truck covers etc. With the right cheap truck insurance, you can cover your truck, workers and liability all at once.

Types of insurance covers for your truck:

There are many truck insurance policies, listed below are some of the most common policies and their benefits.

1. Primary liability insurance – This insurance is required by the law as a minimum. The policy covers against damage and injuries that would occur to the other vehicle and driver in case of an accident. Primary insurance does not cover your vehicle or driver; you might therefore want to consider taking another insurance to protect you against liabilities.

2. General liability insurance – General liability insurance will cover your truck when not in the road and against vandalism and theft. Anything can happen during loading, offloading, at parking lots.

3. Workers compensation insurance – As the name suggests this policy will protect you against lawsuits by your workers in case they are injured while on duty. This insurance will apply if you have employed workers to operate your truck

How to get cheap truck insurance

To find the best cheap truck insurance without comprising on coverage, you need to do your homework and shop around. Sometimes cheap policies may end up hurting you if the lacks proper coverage. Listed below are important tips to help you find the quality cheap truck insurance

1. Shop around – Different insurance companies offer different policies at varying rates and discounts. Shopping around and comparing the various policies available will help you get the best deal

2. Match the cover with your risks – If you under insure, you could end up with huge losses in case of an accident or damages. Find the right cover and match it to your risks to avoid losses in the future

3. Keep your credit scores high – A good credit score attracts reduced premium. Ensure that you have a good credit score before taking out insurance.

4. Pay in lump sum – If you are able to, paying in full can help you save a lot of money on your truck insurance. Paying in small bits will make you end up paying more interest rate.

5. Increase the deductable – increasing your deductable can help you save from up to 5-10% of the insurance.

6. Ask for discounts – Getting discount on your cover is one way of ensuring that you get cheap insurance for your truck. When shopping around, be sure to ask whether the company offers any discount.

Finding cheap truck insurance can be an uphill task, you want insurance that is not only cheap but meets your requirements. Do your homework and get advice to help you choose the best cheap truck insurance in your area.

The Different Types of Window

single hung windows

When designing your home structure, you may be faced with the challenge of deciding the best type of windows to be installed in your home. When choosing the right type of windows, you should consider security, privacy, functionality and even the ease of maintenance. Overall, you should prefer of different and stylish windows which will boost the look of your home as well as will supply the benefits of the windows in your home. With the many varieties and different types of windows available in the market, it is not hard to select the right replacement windows for your home. This article will help you determine which type of windows installation will be appropriate in your house.

Types of windows

Sliding windows. Depending on size, sliding windows may have one or more window panels that can be moved horizontally along the lower and upper tracks. This window design enables you to open up to half of window to allow fresh air to come in. Another advantage of these windows is that they are easy to open and allow proper aeration.

Double-Hung windows

These windows offer a classic look. Double-hung windows have operable lower and upper sashes. Some double-hung window sashes can be tilted inwards hence allowing you to dust the exterior surfaces from inside your house while others may be fixed. Opening these windows is easy; you just have to lower the top sash and raise the lower sash to allow warm air near the ceiling to move out through the upper part as fresh air enters through the bottom.

Single-hung windows

Unlike the double-hung windows, the single-hung windows only have their lower sashes operable. However, like double-hung windows, some single hung models may allow you to tilt the sash inwards, enabling you to clean the exterior surfaces from inside your home.

Basement Hopper Windows

These windows usually have hinges on the bottom, allowing you to open the windows from the top. They are particularly helpful in aeration for a basement and are usually positioned low on an exterior wall.

Accent windows

Accent windows may come in many different designs like rectangular designs and other multi-facets designs such as octagons. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this design is that they are fixed and do not allow aeration.

Glass Block windows

These types of windows are commonly used in bathrooms and even churches. They are made from individual blocks held together with mortar. They are usually thick, hence more resistant to breakages. Glass block windows also offer more privacy though they allow less light into your house. While most glass blocks are fixed, some models may have a built-in vent that can allow fresh air in. Additionally, some models which are designed for use in bathrooms and washrooms have an outlet for a dryer vent hose.

Depending on the type materials used, windows can also be classified into different classes. Vinyl, Aluminium, Wood, and clad-wood are examples of materials used for making window panes. However, Glass and vinyl are the most commonly used materials. Glass windows are available in various models including transparent, semi-transparent, tinted and even tempered designs. When buying your replacement windows, be sure to buy from a company that sells quality products and offers quality services.

We’d like to thank FAB Systems Ltd for helping with the research for this article.

Get More Traffic to Your Site with These SEO Tips

The most crucial thing for virtually any company website, is getting as many individuals to see your site as you possibly can. Probably the best method of improving web traffic is a method called, search engine optimisation, which improves your site’s visibility on internet search engines. Read to discover the way you can put this to use to increase your visitors.

There is absolutely no sense in optimising your website for “hooded sweatshirts” in case your target market calls them “hoodies.” You just should know what phrases people are really using, not what you believe they utilise. One priceless instrument in your quest is Google Insights, that may show you, in incredible detail, patterns of Google searches, both worldwide or by state, extending back to 2004. Get a solid handle on the words folks ACTUALLY use to locate what they are looking for and you could have confidence in the keywords which you choose for Search Engine Optimisation.

Frequent upgrades are a strong instrument in the ongoing attempt to optimise a website for search engines like google. It is tempting to view search engine optimisation as a one-time thing to get a company website, but in truth it’s a continuing process. Incorporating a content strategy with fresh content for your website – articles which has the same keywords as the remaining part of the site – can control the website’s position on internet search engine results pages.

Utilise resources including Google stats to see which keywords are getting consumers to your site. Are there any key words which aren’t obtaining the hits that you would anticipate? All these really are the key words which you must improve. Make sure you have set them as keywords in your title tag, be sure that they’re thoroughly used on your site, and possibly make use of these in the title of among your site’s webpages.

When it comes time to boosting your visitors, begin by modifying its content. Attracting traffic is something, but keeping it there and keeping visitors coming back requires great content.

Use an accurate title tag to make sure that internet search engines will comprehend your own page content. Maintain your text all the way down to 60 characters or less, since several search engines stop the content at that point. Also, something after sixty figures is given less thought.

Take some time to generate a site map for your own web site. This really is a a full page record that provides a list of all the the pages and links of your site to ensure that search engine spiders can certainly search your website. Using that sitemap makes your visitors have to use fewer clicks to really go to where they would like to really go.

Select your website colours prudently. Distinct colours get individuals in to various dispositions. So if your web site ‘s colour does not enhance your brand, then you may be making dissonance in the mind of your audience. As an example, a trade name marketing sunscreen could be clever not to choose a dark-hued background due to brand image. A lighter colour, more in tune together with the outside, may place these customers in a better mindset.

One wonderful solution to drive mare focus to your advertising website is to add a resource section to your own website. Using this method, you may get more visibility on internet search engines. This necessarily will get you more traffic. Additionally, this resource part will probably attract more potential customers.

Among the most effective ways to get your site ranked high with the search engines will be to put your keyword in the domain name. With search engine optimisation, your key word being placed in the domain name significantly increases your position. It could even have sufficient effect to put you in the very first site.

Be descriptive with all of your links, be they video, banner, text, or images. No one will be thinking about clicking a link that simply says “Click me.” They would like to understand what they are getting themselves in to! Using your keywords in the description can also help to bump you up on the search engine results page, so it is a great situation!

Understand your search engine. Some search engines have over 200 different approaches that they use to judge in case your site is worthy of being in the top of the search listings. Make an effort to learn as many of those as possible and use them to your benefit. Many websites may list a few, however, it is best to make an effort to find as many as you can.

Keep your meta descriptions fascinating, to be able to bring more visitors for your site and enhance your Search Engine Optimisation. Engaging information in your meta description can attract visitors to your web site, as this is used by Yahoo, as the the written text below your link in search results. Upping your visitors consistently over a longer period of time, helps to boost your overall ranking, therefore remain creative and engaging!

A successful method on earth of search engine optimisation includes including relevant keywords in URLs themselves. It is always optimal to have vital keywords as a piece of the domain-name itself, but it’s also helpful to have them inside the filename or directory pathway of your URLs. This aids search motors determine yours as a website most relevant to users depending on the terms they most often utilise to discover a particular kind of articles.

Use keywords effectively for search engine optimisation by reaching a balance between not enough key phrases and a lot of key words. Key words should show up in the name, in your content and also in your picture names. Watch out for setting an exceedingly large number of key words throughout your website in order to avoid having a lookup engine consider you as a spammer.

Set a suggestion box on your web site to ensure that visitors can let you know everything you need to do to raise traffic on your site. if you are using any suggestions that are posted you ought to credit the person who’s thought it was and provide them some type of complimentary present.

A website that uses search engine optimisation is almost constantly, considerably more effective, than one it doesn’t. As you can see, search engine optimisation is not just free, but relatively simple to implement. Follow the hints and tricks in this article to optimise your website and watch the traffic flow in. If you do struggle to implement anything, you should get in touch with a reputable SEO services provider.

The Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S6

The Garmin Approach S6 is developed to not just globally meet the demands of the most professional golfers, but to exceed their expectations.

Its features include CourseView color charts, swing functions, a glove-friendly color touchscreen with high resolution and easily readable in sunlight, and Garmin Connect for Golf.

Expanding on the many features, the watch offers everything a golfer desires, such as automatic golf course detection and a smooth transition from hole to hole. On the course, the touchscreen displays the correct distances to the front, the middle and the back of the greens, and you can see the distances to lay-ups and doglegs and even mark specific points. You can train your swing using the featured swing metrics, TempoTraining, SwingTempo and Swingstrength.

The S6 comes with CourseView color charts for more than 40.000 international golf courses and a special CourseView button that allows you to quickly see an overview of the course. You are able to download new course updates when these become available. And all of this free of charge – no fees or subscriptions.

GreenView displays the green’s true shape and layout, and using the color touchscreen, you can move the pin to the location of that day, with your distances to the pin automatically being adjusted when moving it.

PinPointer is a feature that uses an arrow to show you the direction to the green. Now you know in which direction you need to hit, even when your view is obscured by hills or bushes.

You will never have to miss a text, email or warning, even when your smartphone is safely stored in your bag. The watch functions as an extension of your iPhone 4s or higher, meaning everything your iPhone does is directly displayed on your S6. The watch always keeps you up to date wherever you are on the course.

Garmin Connect gives you access to an online golf community that allows you to share and compare your stats and results. You can replay, analyze, share and compare your golf game per round.

The watch’s longer battery life means longer playtime. You can play a whole weekend of golf with GPS, because the lithium-ion battery only needs to be recharged after about 10 hours of full GPS usage or 20 weeks of regular usage. Not to mention the S6’s sustainable quality allows you to play in heavy rainfall and harsh weather without worries. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Of course, as amazing the S6’s golf related features are, let’s not forget it also displays the time, has an odometer to keep track of your walking distance, as well as a round-timer to see how long your 18 holes took to finish.

As a testament to its superb quality, the slender, light weight golf watch, with its high resolution color touchscreen and unique swing metrics, was awarded the prestigious Reddot Industrial Design Award in 2014 for its excellent industrial design.

If you are looking for ultimate GPS golf watch, look no further than the Garmin Approach S6, the most advanced, lightweight GPS golf watch out there that will help you deliver optimum results.

For more information, check out this in-depth Garmin S6 review.