Emergency Nannies and Childcare Workers

emergency childcare

Imagine this.. you are eight weeks pregnant and accidentally fall while taking a shower, you get really hurt and have a five year old to pick from school in three hours time. Unfortunately your partner is at work and has a very crucial board of directors meeting. By luck you manage to call for an ambulance and are booked for an emergency CS because the impart of the fall proved fatal.In such a case it is necessary to call an emergency nanny care service to take care of the five year old.

An emergency nanny is a qualified, properly trained person and experienced enough to handle children’s needs. With increasing levels of perverseness daily reports of multiple child sexual abuse and accidents such as pool drowning, choking and careless home fire, there is a need to get a nanny with certification and experience handling first aid cases.

Most of the agencies recruiting child care workers and emergency nannies ensure that they are over 18 years of age. When considering an emergency nanny, one would want to assess the needs of the child vis-a-vis the child’s age in order to request for an appropriate nanny. Yet again calling the referrals to ensure that the emergency nanny is qualified to maintain and uphold the child’s or children’s safety. Agencies offering emergency child care services are located in different areas in the UK. Each with unique design and mode of operation. Some strictly hire out these nannies from their agencies only while others are open to networking with other agencies. Most nannies usually charge by the hour.

Some agencies insist on handling their nannies payroll and pay for them the taxes required while others are open to the client paying the taxes on behalf of the client.The former is usually a bit more costly on the parent or guardian. Hiring the services of an emergency child care worker is a good side plan for the parent because it helps maintain the security and safety of the child while giving the parent a piece of mind.

It is advisable for parents to sign up for emergency care memberships in at least one agency for emergency purpose. Signing up for such membership mostly attracts discounts on membership fees and in other cases give periods of grace for first payments and free trials.

Just as one acquires a policy for life Insurance and other forms of Insurance, it is logical to have contacts and knowledge of emergency nanny services. These nannies are trained on duties and responsibilities to undertake such as bathing, toileting, feeling, assisting with school work, Cleaning the house especially the areas that directing affect the child and also special children’s needs. They are trained on how to cope and adapt to certain environment and way of life per the clients tastes and status. They also trained to cope and work extra time and special times such as the weekends and holidays.

Emergencies occur daily in different types and of different magnitude. In such cases, a backup plan for help with children is a necessary need not only in the UK but everywhere in the World.

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