Dahon Vigor P9 Folding Bike Review


Dahon vigor p9 folding bike is increasingly getting popular among many riders. This is the latest model to be introduced in the market. Its light weight and lower price makes it a great option for many riders. If you are the kind of a person who likes exceptional riding experience, this is the best option for you. To help you gain more understanding, here is a well detailed dahon vigor p9 review.

Features and Specifications

Light in weight

One of the greatest features of this bike is its light weight of 11.7 kilograms. This means you can carry it around in your car, bus or even train. When you are in crowded places, you can carry it without causing any form of inconvenience. Its high level portability is enhanced by the fact that you can fold it, making it easy to lift and carry around and store in a small space.

Easy to assemble 

Dahon vigor p9 comes inside a box in decent condition. It does not require a lot assembling. It is possible to assemble it within a few minutes, making it easy for you to use. The bike comes with a DVD manual that guides users on how to set it up.


The bike has a more inviting look, compared to other models. Its aluminium frame is designed using a hydro formed alloy, which is very strong. When you ride this bike, you develop a feeling of confidence and safety because of its sturdy frame. It has nice color complements that make it more elegant.

Integrated 9 speed SRAM and WinZip V powerful brakes

Dahon vigor p9 folding bike has an integrated 9 speed SRAM, which makes it easy to ride even on the hills. However, it does not have solid suspensions, so you have to make sure you ride it in a safer manner. The bike has a trigger shifter, together with WinZip V powerful brakes that gives it the required support to the bike speed system. This means that the bike has the ability to deal with any speed without any problems.

Schwalbe marathon supreme tires

The bike has strong tires, with the capability of handling speed effectively. The tires are tough and long lasting. However, they are not the best option to ride on hilly and uneven surfaces.

Comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars

Dahon vigor p9 folding bike has a comfortable seat that you can set the way you want. The seat can be adjusted to make the riding experience great for riders of all sizes. However, there is no internal pump, which is a great disadvantage. The handlebars are easily adjustable, making it more convenient for any ride.


· Affordable price

· High level performance

· Clean and elegant design

· Easy folding mechanism

· Economical because no electricity is required to run

· High comfortable brakes and grips


· Not the best option for off load riding

· Not very fast for riders who love speed

· Weak braking and suspension system


With the above great features and specifications, dahon vigor p9 folding bike is recommendable. Its high performance and cost effectiveness makes it perfect for any rider. With its combination of cost, performance, comfort and durability you can go for it and never regret.

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