Intex Inflatable Hot Tub: The Convenient and Affordable Tub with Functionality Beyond the Cost

intex inflatable hot tub

The traditional hot tub were either expensive to buy or maintain, but with the intex inflatable hot tub almost anyone can relax and soak in a bubbly, hot bath without worrying about the high cost and the maintenance challenges. The inflatable hot tub by intex is designed to help soothe your tired muscles in relaxing, bubbling water without the worries of deflating your wallet making it the most popular product today. To many individuals, the intex inflatable hot tub offers what is not usually available within their budget constrains and delivers beyond what they think they can afford making it the most popular hot tub product in the market.

How the intex inflatable hot tub works

To soothe your muscles with this product, you need to remove the back of the control panel, easily connect the air hose and effortlessly push the button. With a simple easy to use digital control panel, you can set the ideal temperature as well as turn the heated bubble sprays on and off at your convenience for gentle, pleasing bubbling experience. With this unit you will not find muscle-pounding jets as the bubbles are gently released through an air channel that surround the perimeter of the bottom seam. Furthermore, the unit comes with a heat pump that warms your water to invigorating degrees.

The tub also comes with an insulated cover that ensures that the warmth is trapped inside while the bugs and debris are kept out. The cover works by securely snapping in place with a strong self locking system. The tub features functional design that includes a smooth bottom surface that lets you and your friends relax comfortably. Furthermore, in spite of the plastic inflatable construction, this intex hot tub is durable enough for you to sit on the side without toppling or crushing it. It does not come with built-in seats, but with legs fully extended it offers enough space for you and your friends to relax in the bubbly water.

The tub is also easy to set up. With an attractive design that compliments any location, you can place the tub anywhere on a flat surface in your backyard including poolside, patio and deck. However, it is imperative to ensure that location is flat and capable of supporting the filled weight of the tub. You also need to ensure that the intex inflatable hot tub is not in a location with extended periods of direct sunlight. It is also necessary to ensure that the location has a drainage system that would handle the spillage, splashing or overflow in case it occurs during use.

The other highlight that makes the intex inflatable hot tub a hot seller is the convenience it offers to users. Unlike other units that are limiting to users, this unit can be used by both renters and dwellers. The hot tub also comes with water test kit that helps you make sure that the water is clean. Moreover, the latest intex models come with hard water treatment system that that uses an electromagnetic field to agitate calcium and other materials common in hard water, which are then detained in the filter.