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The Different Types of Window

single hung windows

When designing your home structure, you may be faced with the challenge of deciding the best type of windows to be installed in your home. When choosing the right type of windows, you should consider security, privacy, functionality and even the ease of maintenance. Overall, you should prefer of different and stylish windows which will boost the look of your home as well as will supply the benefits of the windows in your home. With the many varieties and different types of windows available in the market, it is not hard to select the right replacement windows for your home. This article will help you determine which type of windows installation will be appropriate in your house.

Types of windows

Sliding windows. Depending on size, sliding windows may have one or more window panels that can be moved horizontally along the lower and upper tracks. This window design enables you to open up to half of window to allow fresh air to come in. Another advantage of these windows is that they are easy to open and allow proper aeration.

Double-Hung windows

These windows offer a classic look. Double-hung windows have operable lower and upper sashes. Some double-hung window sashes can be tilted inwards hence allowing you to dust the exterior surfaces from inside your house while others may be fixed. Opening these windows is easy; you just have to lower the top sash and raise the lower sash to allow warm air near the ceiling to move out through the upper part as fresh air enters through the bottom.

Single-hung windows

Unlike the double-hung windows, the single-hung windows only have their lower sashes operable. However, like double-hung windows, some single hung models may allow you to tilt the sash inwards, enabling you to clean the exterior surfaces from inside your home.

Basement Hopper Windows

These windows usually have hinges on the bottom, allowing you to open the windows from the top. They are particularly helpful in aeration for a basement and are usually positioned low on an exterior wall.

Accent windows

Accent windows may come in many different designs like rectangular designs and other multi-facets designs such as octagons. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this design is that they are fixed and do not allow aeration.

Glass Block windows

These types of windows are commonly used in bathrooms and even churches. They are made from individual blocks held together with mortar. They are usually thick, hence more resistant to breakages. Glass block windows also offer more privacy though they allow less light into your house. While most glass blocks are fixed, some models may have a built-in vent that can allow fresh air in. Additionally, some models which are designed for use in bathrooms and washrooms have an outlet for a dryer vent hose.

Depending on the type materials used, windows can also be classified into different classes. Vinyl, Aluminium, Wood, and clad-wood are examples of materials used for making window panes. However, Glass and vinyl are the most commonly used materials. Glass windows are available in various models including transparent, semi-transparent, tinted and even tempered designs. When buying your replacement windows, be sure to buy from a company that sells quality products and offers quality services.

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